MTEL introduces special offer for students

“Odaberi plus 14.8” postpaid package and a mobile phone at prices starting from EUR 6

Podgorica, August 16th - M:tel company has prepared a special offer for students, consisting of the “Odaberi plus 14.8” postpaid package and a mobile phone. The package includes 150 minutes to all networks in Montenegro, 1,500 minutes and 500 SMS on-net and unlimited internet (2 GB at maximum speed). Students can choose a mobile phone with a defined fee per month. The “Odaberi plus 14.8” package has monthly subscription of EUR 5.

The phones available for EUR 6/month are the Alcatel Pixi 3 and Coolpad Porto S. For EUR 7/month, users can select the Tesla Smartphone 3 and Tesla Smartphone 6.2 Lite, while for EUR 8/month they can choose between the Coolpad Modena 2 and the Samsung G355HN. Students opting for a EUR 9/month subscription can take the Sony Xperia E5, Tesla Smartphone 6.1 or Alcatel Pop 4. For EUR 10/month, students choose between the Alcatel Shine Lite and Alcatel pop Up.