Call identification

Caller ID enables you to see the number which is calling on the display of your phone before the call is answered.

Call forwarding

Call Forwarding gives you the possibility to redirect incoming calls to another pre-defined number, if you are not at home or are unable to receive a phone call. If desired, an incoming call can be redirected to the voice mail answering machine.

Call waiting

If you’ve switched on call waiting, you’ll still receive incoming calls when you’re already on the phone. You can put the current call on hold to answer the incoming one or reject it.

Conference call

This service provides you with the possibility to make a telephone call with two participants simultaneously. You can involve interlocutors from both mobile and landline network.

Iskoristite besplatne pozive unutar 078 mreže, Telekoma Srbije i fiksnog Crnogorskog Telekoma

Take advantage of numerous benefits!

Free calls within the 078 m:tel numbering, free minutes towards landline networks of Telekom Srbija and Crnogorski Telekom; free minutes towards m:tel 068 network!

Budite deo m:tel porodice bez da menjate vaš stari broj

Port your number to m:tel landline network!

Join the m:tel family without changing your existing phone number! Number portability is a procedure that enables you to change operators while retaining the existing number. 


m:box - solution in one package!

m:box packages combine landline and mobile telephony, Internet and digital television. With this new offer from m:tel, you can have a combination of all telecommunication services in one place with one bill and excellent price.

Sve što vam treba nalazi se u m:box kutiji: fixna, internet i digitalna televizija


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