m:box - solution in one package!

m:box packages combine landline and mobile telephony, Internet and digital television. With this new offer from m:tel, you can have a combination of all telecommunication services in one place with one bill and excellent price.

Sve što vam treba nalazi se u m:box kutiji: fixna, internet i digitalna televizija



Don’t miss your favorite TV content, record whatever you like. If you are not at home or for some other reason you are not able to watch your favorite TV content at the moment of broadcasting, m:tel enables you to record it.

Rewinding option

Rewind and watch everything you have missed in the last three days on your favorite TV channels. All recorded content can be seen and watched via the USB menu.

HD channels

Enjoy high definition TV content with HD signal channels. HD channels provide up to five times better image resolution, thus the picture is sharper, more detailed and has vivid colors. 


High-speed Internet

With new Flash packages customers are able to make a connection to the Internet with a flow rate of up to 100Mbps, with a free Wi-Fi router included.

Constant and fast connection

Enjoy benefits of the best quality Internet packages at any time - we guarantee stable, fast and efficient connection!

WiFi Router

Internet packages come with a free WiFi router included as a gift.


Call identification

Caller ID enables you to see the number which is calling on the display of your phone before the call is answered.

Call forwarding

Call Forwarding gives you the possibility to redirect incoming calls to another pre-defined number, if you are not at home or are unable to receive a phone call. If desired, an incoming call can be redirected to the voicemail answering machine. 

Conference call

This service provides you with the possibility to make a telephone call with two participants simultaneously. You can involve interlocutors from mobile and landline network.

One bill for all services!

You have the option to use a special package that includes all telecommunication services in one place with one bill and excellent price.

The best offer!

Choose the most advanced TV sets or mobile phones!

You have the opportunity to purchase the most advanced TV brands such as Samsung and Tesla at retail prices or in monthly installments.

Najnoviji telefoni su vam sada dostupni uz m:BOX paket

With m:BOX packages you can buy a phone from rich m:tel offer!

Create the ideal package for you!

The best combination of mobile and landline telephony, Internet and digital television - you choose the package that suits your needs!


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